Cartoons and the National Remembrance of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore

On the seventh of may 16:00 GMT, the fourth meeting of the History, Trauma & Comics Research Circle will take place on Skype. This meeting, Cheng Tju Lim will present on comics and the occupation of Signapore.

You can find information on his presentation below:

Lim Cheng Tju, Cartoons and the national remembrance of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore
The recent controversy at the Angouleme Comic Festival over the Korean comic exhibition on comfort women, which resulted in a formal protest by the Japanese government, shows that the events of the Second World War in Asia have hardly been forgotten. The use of cartoons to evoke memories of the war is nothing new. As early as 1946, pioneer Singapore artist Liu Kang drew a set of cartoons about the Japanese Occupation of Singapore from 1942 to 1945. While Liu Kang’s message is very clear: never to forget, I will argue that other aspects behind the production of the cartoons are forgotten as a direct consequence of their use by the Singapore state as part of its national education programme. The way the state selects and utilises these cartoons to publicly memorialize the Japanese Occupation reflects its clear educational and nation-building agenda, one that fulfils its intentions at the expense of complex visual meanings cartoons that are often more political or confrontational in nature.

The powerpoint has already been distributed via mail. If you want the presentation file please mail me on

If your interested on sitting in on the presentation you can contact me on the above e-mail with your Skype handle.






About Rik Spanjers

Researcher for the University of Amsterdam into the representation of World War II in comic books and manga. Twitter: @rikspanjers
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