Comics in Italy under the fascist regime: General outlook and remarks

Comics in Italy under the fascist regime: General outlook and remarks

Italian comics production has been rich and substantial since the last years of the XIXth century. The development of Italian comics began properly, as an important sector of mass culture, since the early XXth century; and comics were one of the media more involved in the propaganda before and during the Second World War. In this presentation a general outlook will be proposed of the ways fascist ideas and ideologies were circulated in Italian comics for children and youths: magazines, stories, publishing houses, authors, were all involved, at different degrees and from different perspective, either in seconding or opposing the directives of the dictatorial regime (1922-1943). In this presentation I identify a classification of major themes and attitudes in the pro-fascist, pro-war and often xenophobic comics published in those years. This presentation derives from a paper I presented in 2011 at an international workshop in Israel (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, in Be’er Sheva) and is also the initial draft of my part for a longer essay I am writing together with another Italian scholar, historian Nicola Spagnolli, for future submission to a British academic journal.

Marco Pellitteri

Interested? Come to the meeting on the 17th of June at 16:00 gmt.




About Rik Spanjers

Researcher for the University of Amsterdam into the representation of World War II in comic books and manga. Twitter: @rikspanjers
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